Thursday, December 27, 2007

Use your eyes not your mouth!

My grandmother use to always say that to me when I as little, and I always say that to Ethan when he's in a hurry to find something that is already in front of him but can't seem to find...As we're getting ready to leave the house, I ask Ethan to put shoes on Enzo.  So Enzo is searching high and low for his shoes, while saying "Where's mah shoes?  where's mah shoes?"

Enzo's quest quickly turns to whining (I'm starting to learn to tune this out *yay for me*) because he can't find his shoes and I hear Ethan yell "Use your eyes not your mouth!" Then Enzo is walking around the house with his hand over his mouth and eyes wide open.  So I ask him what he's doing, then he says, "Kuya said use your eyes not your mouth. So I am!"

My boys are funny...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Poo water!

Enzo has got to be one of the funniest kids I've ever met!  (Ethan's the other funniest kid)  He ran out of the bathroom this evening after washing his hands, screaming  "Poo water! Poo water!"  I'm thinking what on earth is he talking he's flailing his wet hands over his, what is now, wet face.  He pauses to say "Member the Bee moomie (aka movie), guy like that poo water! poo water!"  Then he continues his "poo water" dance...

Note to self:  Enzo is a sponge and will repeat anything he hears (and he remembers EVERYTHING!) 

My boys have the weirdest sense of humor.  But they are 'uber' funny! (I learned a new word from a movie we are watching as I type!)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Can it really be??

I think Enzo is potty trained!!! and we weren't even trying! well he probably should be since he's 3 now, but he refused to do it and i didn't want to fight him. I figured when he's ready then we won't have to fight about it.

Well on Monday morning when i went to his room, he said "mommy i need pee pee in the potty". I said "no you have a diaper on so we are not gonna play in the bathroom". But he kept insisting that he needed to go. So I finally gave in and took him. Low and behold....he pees in the potty!!! *yay* So we're doing the pee-pee in the potty dance...

Well he's been peeing in the potty since then. He's not completely potty trained for night time peeing, but that'll come (It's only been a week). oh yeah and he won't sit on the potty to poop but he'll tell me "poo poo hide mommy". So at least he knows and tells me that he has to go. haha I'll settle for what I can get since I didn't actually have to work at the peeing part.

Man I've forgotten how much work a potty trained child is. It's not like I can let him go by himself coz with Enzo, it's either he'll flush something or fall in. He LOVES to flush and will keep flushing until you pull him away from it. (Unlike his Kuya, who use to run from the bathroom whenever we flushed.)

So *yay* that is our excitement for the week! Yes I know we are a boring family...but hey, if I had more excitement I wouldn't have so much time to blog right? hehe ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Enzo's procedures came and went....thank you Lord for keeping Enzo healthy.  We had two procedures done.  The barium swallow and the endoscopy w/biopsy and monitor placement.

Enzo was so brave for both procedures.  We were expecting you to really flip out and not cooperate.  But we were so wrong!  He was so cooperative and so cute.  I felt so bad they had to poke him too many times to draw blood and for IV's.

July 24th
For the barium, he had to drink this white thick liquid (which he quickly said 'nasty' but still drank it), chocolate pudding with the white stuff mixed in, and graham crackers with the white stuff as icing.  He made the funniest faces but he did as he was told, and we were done within 10 minutes.  The results were really good.  They thought he might have some sort of swallowing disorder because he stores food in his mouth forever if you don't MAKE him swallow it (sorta of like a cow that chews the cud).


July 30th
Then the week after was the other procedure.  Since the procedure required general anesthesia, they had a few extra steps of precaution they wanted to take, one of which is the sickle cell test.  Usually, that test is performed right after birth, but I guess with him being in foster care, it either got lost in his files, or it was never done.  Since he's half african-american they had to know before the procedure.  So the chaos begins there....

They needed to draw blood but also wanted me and daddy to hold Enzo down.  I'm thinking oh great....first, any child having blood drawn isn't going to be very happy.  But Enzo having blood drawn, wasn't going to be pretty, or so I thought.  But he laid there so brave, didn't even whimper!  The nurse couldn't find his vien so she kept poking and fishing around for a vien before moving on the the next arm only to do the same thing.  But after 15 mins of fishing for a vien, she was finally able to draw blood.  Enzo was amazing!  I'm not sure if he was just being really brave, or if the lack of crying/emotion is a result of multiple caregivers in his medical foster home.  But regardless God was good, and I know He was holding Enzo through it all.

Before the procedure, they had to wait for the results of the test, and the doctor took us aside and told us his results were abnormal but wouldn't find out exactly why until 24hrs.  So that's where the panic began.  Actually I wouldn't have panicked if it weren't for the doctor acting the way he did.  I didn't know anything about sickle cell at the time (I still don't know very much now) but the doctor wanted to find out right away if he was tested as a newborn and what the results were.  I guess there's a state register for sickle cell test?  Not sure but he wanted to call the Florida state lab to pull his lab, but the lab needed info and all we had was his biological mother's name.  We didn't know what hospital he was born at and they were asking for the bio-mom's social security number.  Then the state lab decided they didn't want to give anymore info because we were all guessing at the hospital name and we had very limited info even though the doctor explained that we had adopted him.

After the hour delay, the doctor moved on with the procedure and found Enzo has no lasting damage from the reflux, and nothing out of the ordinary.  They still put the 24 hr monitor through his nose (thank you Lord for giving Enzo the self-control to not yank it out!).  His reflux/acid levels are more active than what they originally thought, so they just upped his meds.  And his sickle cell test came back and he only has the sickle cell trait (meaning he's a carrier) but he doesn't have the disease.  It's not something that can on-set later, it's either you have it or you don't and it's not contagious but it is hereditary.  So for now, Enzo is clear and we don't have to worry.  But his children have a possibility have inheriting the trait or the disease from him.

God never gives us more than we can handle; and just like with our biological children, we can't pick and choose what medical issues come with them.  God allows us to go through what He knows we need, and gives us the grace to get through it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Battle of the wills

it's more like 'Battle of the Ormeos'.  sheesh when will it end...being a mommy to two kids is really kicking my butt....well hmmm being a mommy to a STRONG WILLED and 'walk the edge coz i feel like it' toddler is really pushing my doesn't help that we're all so strong willed...ahah God really has a sense of humor...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


oops time flew by and i forgot to update on our camping trip...we had a blast...considering it was a first for all of us, we didn't do bad at all...

we borrowed camping gear from a friend of ours...we didn't want to invest in gear and only to realize we don't like a friend of ours equipped us with EVERYTHING!!  it was awesome tho, and made the trip so much easier and so much more pleasant.

well let's see, bugs are nasty and my kids HATE bugs...and bug spray doesn't keep bugs from harrassing you, if anything bug spray always seem to attrack more bugs.  Sort of like when you tell a toddler not to touch, it makes them want to since it's more attractive when mom makes something off limits. 

the dirt didn't bother them much because it's beach sand so it comes right off...although i think it bothered enzo more than it bothered ethan, but then again he was also the one sitting in sand and pouring down his neck and every once in a while he'll throw a handful in his own face just for the kicks...

It's comical to think how we looked to other ppl...It's hard work to set up a tent while trying to keep enzo (our 2 yr old) from running into the street and ethan from climbing and playing in the sand dunes (which here in Jax, is illegal).  Not to mention, we didn't even know what the tent was supposed to look like when set up.  Then in the midst of laughing and repremanding the boys, we decide that we needed to take pictures!!!  well yeah, i guess because we were so busy packing the van with stuff (which btw, could have lasted us a little over a week), we forgot to bring a camera!  so yeah, no pictures...we did try to take a picture with our cell phone but it's a cell phone haha...

we got to the campsite around 630pm, and by the time we had set the tent up and unloaded sleeping bags, playpen (can't trust enzo to stay in the tent at night) and food/ was 10pm...the boys were exhausted...

but then nature it NOISY!  and huegonot park (where we went beach camping) is also a bird watchers travel spot...birds birds birds 4:30am birds were squawking everywhere, often times, sounding like they were doing it right next to our tent...and it's not the soft chirping you hear on tv or cartoons!  so by 6:30am everyone was up...the sun was up and bright and it was a really nice weekend with really nice weather....

long story short...beach camping is what it is...there's nothing to do other than the beach (well at least at this one) all we had to keep ethan and enzo entertained was the beach...we played in the surf/sand from 7:30am till 6pm?  something like that...we had no where else to go since we were staying another night.  Ethan is now VERY toasted!  Enzo is even darker...the boys LOVE the beach though and would stay forever given the chance...

Needless to say we all had a good time...and we would definitely go camping again with the boys...although i think next time we'll wait till the weather is a little bit cooler (less bugs and less humidity).  We even started collecting our own camping gear...

wish i had pictures to show but uhhh yeah, we'll blame Toots for that one