Monday, October 26, 2009

For the PE Bully

Dear Bully's Mom,
If your child is pushing again next week, I will not keep Enzo's sensory issues in check so when your child goes to push him, he will most likely respond with "fight or flight" mode then maybe your 4 year old will remember not to push Enzo again.

Enzo's mom doesn't really matter to me that your child is only 4 especially since your 4 year old is about the same size all the other kids he's knocking over (on purpose).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 Soccer Games + Family = Weekend Fun!

Soccer09 (3) Soccer09 (1)

Soccer season has officially started! With 5 kids in the family playing soccer this year, we definitely have long Saturdays ahead. Opening day started with 9am games for 3 of the kids, but it was a great time to just hangout with the entire family!

Soccer09 (4) Soccer09 (14)
Soccer09 (12)

Enzo's age group were the cutest and funniest ever. When one kid falls, it's like dominoes and they all come crashing...umm although Enzo usually started the domino effect. He was so excited when he scored a goal!

Soccer09 (7) Soccer09 (6)

Our kids had their own groupie, we all watched all the kids games even though the last game didn't end until after noon. Even the kids had a great time just hanging with the cousins.

Soccer09 (9) Soccer09 (13)
Soccer09 (17) Soccer09 (15)