Thursday, December 27, 2007

Use your eyes not your mouth!

My grandmother use to always say that to me when I as little, and I always say that to Ethan when he's in a hurry to find something that is already in front of him but can't seem to find...As we're getting ready to leave the house, I ask Ethan to put shoes on Enzo.  So Enzo is searching high and low for his shoes, while saying "Where's mah shoes?  where's mah shoes?"

Enzo's quest quickly turns to whining (I'm starting to learn to tune this out *yay for me*) because he can't find his shoes and I hear Ethan yell "Use your eyes not your mouth!" Then Enzo is walking around the house with his hand over his mouth and eyes wide open.  So I ask him what he's doing, then he says, "Kuya said use your eyes not your mouth. So I am!"

My boys are funny...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Poo water!

Enzo has got to be one of the funniest kids I've ever met!  (Ethan's the other funniest kid)  He ran out of the bathroom this evening after washing his hands, screaming  "Poo water! Poo water!"  I'm thinking what on earth is he talking he's flailing his wet hands over his, what is now, wet face.  He pauses to say "Member the Bee moomie (aka movie), guy like that poo water! poo water!"  Then he continues his "poo water" dance...

Note to self:  Enzo is a sponge and will repeat anything he hears (and he remembers EVERYTHING!) 

My boys have the weirdest sense of humor.  But they are 'uber' funny! (I learned a new word from a movie we are watching as I type!)