Saturday, April 11, 2009

Run Enzo Run!

Enzo and 'run' in the same sentence really is kinda funny (ok 'was' funny).  As active and excited as Enzo is, he doesn't ever have the stamina to keep going at any physical activity much less run a kiddie marathon!

Along with Enzo's sensory issues and spatial (not knowing where his body is in space relative to gravity) issues plus low muscle tone (not something you can workout, its something that will always be that way), both his Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist have said many times before that Enzo just won't ever be an athlete, or a runner, or anything of the sort. He can barely finish an hour of Physical Therapy once a week.

All of that is perfectly fine with us since we are definitely not sports fanatics.  Just look at Ethan and Toots, it's all about music and instruments.  So Enzo fits in the family perfectly!

Enzo's school held a Boosterthon Fun Run last week.  Enzo was so excited about all of it because of the cool prizes you can get when you get so many pledges for each lap you run.

funrun-2 funrun-31 funrun-7

We wanted to help him get pledges so he can get the prizes he was so excited about. Besides, how many laps could Enzo run anyway?  We figured he'd go for maybe 2-3 laps, 5 if he's having a really good day and someone really pushes him to keep going.

funrun-10 funrun-18 funrun-19

So we all pledged $1 each.  Even Ethan and E pitched in together since they both have a little bit of money in their piggy banks.  He even talked to his aunts and cousin.  He even hit Ms. Sherri up all by himself.  In total, he got 8 pledges at $1 each.  No big deal right?

At the 3rd lap, Toots and I were just kind of looking at each other because Enzo had no signs of giving up yet. By the 5th lap we knew we were in trouble.

funrun-17 funrun-26

Ha! He finished 23 laps!!! Great job Enzo!  You really surprised all of us!

funrun-24 funrun-25 funrun-29

funrun-28 funrun-30

Alright family, for those who sponsored Enzo for this run, thanks!  Don't forget to pay up! ;)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What were we thinking??

We spent the day at home and we got bored, so we decided to rearrange Ethan and E's rooms because they're both getting new beds.  Well, we finally finished Ethan's room after pulling hair and teeth.  But his really wasn't too hard but E's room is never a quick fix to rearrange.  She just has too many machines and cords everywhere that it really does take planning, a lot of planning.

You'd think that I would have learned my lesson from the last few shuffles we did, but NOOOOOOOOOO so here I am at 9pm...E is hooked up to her machine on the couch in the living room, 2 hrs before the nurse shows up, all medical supplies all over the floor, dresser, shelf and couch (the one that is in her room).


I don't wanna finish...I hate restringing power cords and surge protectors (how many can one room have??) Ok, next time I get a bright idea to rearrange another room in this house, somebody PLEASE stop me!

I'll post pix later, if I can find my camera.  

PS.  We'll be finalizing E's adoption soon! *yay* Oh, but E has told a Dr. and a nurse, and myself, that she doesn't want her name to be "what it currently is"....that's another post for another day....but really, it's sad and her reasoning makes sense in a 6 year old's world.