Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Belly laughs

Enzo's has such a contagious belly laugh.  He'll burst into laughter out of nowhere and can't control it.  He was watching something on Disney channel while I was getting his lunch ready and I could hear his uncontrollable laughter.

So later after lunch, he was giggling about something and I told him that I like his belly laugh and that I thought it was funny. He paused his laughter and lifted up his shirt to look at his belly. He tried to shake his belly and he just looked at me all confused and he said that his belly wasn't funny and it's not laughing...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

His name is Joe...

Enzo is such a funny kid!  For the past couple of months, at least 2-3 times a day, he tells Ethan and I that his name is Joe.

I'm sure you are wondering who Joe is....Ha!  Took me forever to figure out who he was talking about because I am not a cool mom like that...

He insists that he is Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.  So how does a 3 year old know who that is?  Not too sure, but I'm guessing his 9 year old Kuya (tagalog for big brother) has much to do with it.

So this morning after Enzo's bath, I was doing our usual dress up routine...lotion, Pull Up, shirt, pants, pick his hair (I have to use a pick because he has crazy curly hair), and I always put Biosilk in his hair (we call that hair lotion, it's the same stuff I put in my hair for my frizzies).

Well today, as I was putting hair lotion into his hair, he whispers to me and points to his sideburns and tells me to push it back (and he motions the way he wants it).  So being a good mom, I push his hair back.  Then he comes back to my face and whispers again.  This time he points to the front of his hair.  He whispers for me to push it down onto his face a little bit.  Not quite sure why he whispers all of this, because if you've ever met Enzo, his volume control is broken!

So I asked him if I did a good job fixing his hair the way he likes it.   He then touches the sides, pushes it back and then touches the front and pulls it down a bit.  Then he comes up to my face again and whispers, "I'm Joe, Joe Jonas..."

As he's walking away, I'm left wondering what just happened.  Then it hit me, he wanted me to fix his hair the same way Joe's hair is!  How funny is that!  Enzo cracks me up...

So tonight I remember all this, so I decide to look online for a picture of Joe Jonas.  So yeah I find Joe with the sideburns and hair falling down his face, minus the curly hair of course.


I wonder why he doesn't like one of the other brothers, because the other 2 have curly hair!