Sunday, June 27, 2010

SPD Blog Carnival - SPD Dads

He makes me laugh! And trust me, any SPD parent will tell you that a sense of humor is a MUST. We even laugh when no one else is laughing (probably because it wasn’t that funny to begin with).

Last Sunday on our drive home from church, I was telling him about a YouTube post someone had on their Facebook. So I had him repeat what they said. He kept saying it over and over. I was laughing so hard and he still wasn’t getting it. Oh it was hilarious!

Ok so you had to have been there to find that funny. It’s still funny today tho…LOL!

ps. I’d repeat the joke but you probably wouldn’t find it that entertaining. We’re just easily amused and crack up at the most random things that no one else laughs at. =D

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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Enzo was describing this long black worm with a whole bunch of legs that he saw on Animal Planet. He says the males are huge. When asked what it was he insisted that it's called a 'milipeder'.

So I look up this new fascination of his.... when I showed him a few pictures online, he verified that it indeed was his 'milipeder'
Enzo's 'milipeder' (aka milipede)
I know one day I'll miss Enzo's mispronounciations. So for now we're content with his wankagooseye-tacs, and milipeders.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Any of the SPD families out there successfully implement a gluten-free diet for their chiild? I know "success" is relative but I guess what I mean is that you saw a definite change and improvement in your child.

Any one have any insight on SPD and the gluten-free diet? How and where do I even begin? There's so much info on the internet that I'm lost! Help please...And it sounds like a lot of work and effort so I want to make sure that it's worth the energy and time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Enzo: Mom you need to wear your eye-tacs.
me: Wear my what?
Enzo: Wear your eye-tacs because you are not very pretty with glasses.
me: What are eye-tacs?
Enzo: You know, your eye-tacs so you can see. I don't like you with glasses. You haven't weared your eye-tacs in a long time.

Thanks Enzo....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You have got to be kidding?!?!

So tonight wasn't too bad. Although after a couple of weeks of non-stop outbursts around here, I'm still left tiptoeing and exhausted.

My mind is running at crazy speeds lately that I can't even think straight, so maybe browsing the web about SPD and other parent blogs for tips and just to feel a sense of 'normal because we're not the only one' probably wasn't such a bright idea at this hour.

I came across a link to this article on another SPD blog (I can't think which one at the moment because I was reading a few tonight):

It's by Dr. John Rosemond. This article has left me totally speechless (not to mention angry)! You have got to be kidding! I WISH our struggles with Enzo was as simple as taking everything out of his room. I WISH it were that simple because I'd be tossing everything out of his bedroom right now instead of writing this blog.

I'm exhausted and drained...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aha moment!

Oh where to even begin...the last 2-3 weeks at home have been crazy...even that is an understatement. The anxiety, the tantrums, the frustration, the overload....

To start...we finally got an appointment to see a Developmental Pediatrician but of course the process is long and tedious. The first part of the process before we can even start the 'process' of anything, we had to meet with one of the workers and do a basic interview about our family and child and why we needed to be there...well well well...we were told pretty bluntly that they don't 'acknowledge' SPD because there are no scientic research and that SPD doesn't come and go...duh I know that! (Clearly this lady hasn't ever lived with a child with SPD.)

She was surprised that my child sat through the entire interview and was able to play with the legos and answer questions...AGAIN this lady really has never lived with SPD. My child was able to sit there because I made sure that we really did ALOT of sensory work and spinning (we do the astronaut spinning program) and it really helps his sensory alot!

But by the end of the appointment I felt like a failure and felt like all this work was useless and that any progress was all in my head and that my child was merely a behavior issue.

Well here were are a couple of weeks later at the peak of Enzo's overload and meltdowns. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out where I've gone wrong or what we've missed. I know part of my hang up is that stupid appointment. But tonight after another sleepless night, I had an 'Aha! Moment'.

His sensory goes in overdrive anytime there is change...the anxiety in him is so unbelievable high and makes it all go down hill.

I think our culprit is the anxiety about moving on to the 1st grade. I can't believe I'm even excited that he's anxious about it but I think I'm just excited to know what may bugging Enzo.

I'll have to probe and see but hopefully I'm for now my excitement will have to wait until the little guy gets up.

Poor kid, I've been sooooooo rotten to him too! I can't even begin to imagine what is running through his head....