Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Enzo: Mom you need to wear your eye-tacs.
me: Wear my what?
Enzo: Wear your eye-tacs because you are not very pretty with glasses.
me: What are eye-tacs?
Enzo: You know, your eye-tacs so you can see. I don't like you with glasses. You haven't weared your eye-tacs in a long time.

Thanks Enzo....


  1. Love that! So cute!

    Matthew just says to me giggling, "MOM! Where are you glasses?!" Like I am a crazy woman for *ever* taking them off. Even to sleep. LOL

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Love it too! My 4 yr old is the only one who notices when I don't where my glasses! He also told me to "fix my hair back" when heaven forbid I chose to wear it down one day instead of in this permanent ponytail I've had since my oldest was born!

  3. HAHAHAHHAHAHA 'eye tacs' I really needed that today, thank you. Don't kids say the most wonderful (and, often, embarrassing) things?


  4. My boys call them "eye tacs" too! Any my youngest gets furious with me if I have the nerve to actually wear my glasses! He tells me I'm not his mommy that way! Kids are hilarious!