Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aha moment!

Oh where to even begin...the last 2-3 weeks at home have been crazy...even that is an understatement. The anxiety, the tantrums, the frustration, the overload....

To start...we finally got an appointment to see a Developmental Pediatrician but of course the process is long and tedious. The first part of the process before we can even start the 'process' of anything, we had to meet with one of the workers and do a basic interview about our family and child and why we needed to be there...well well well...we were told pretty bluntly that they don't 'acknowledge' SPD because there are no scientic research and that SPD doesn't come and go...duh I know that! (Clearly this lady hasn't ever lived with a child with SPD.)

She was surprised that my child sat through the entire interview and was able to play with the legos and answer questions...AGAIN this lady really has never lived with SPD. My child was able to sit there because I made sure that we really did ALOT of sensory work and spinning (we do the astronaut spinning program) and it really helps his sensory alot!

But by the end of the appointment I felt like a failure and felt like all this work was useless and that any progress was all in my head and that my child was merely a behavior issue.

Well here were are a couple of weeks later at the peak of Enzo's overload and meltdowns. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out where I've gone wrong or what we've missed. I know part of my hang up is that stupid appointment. But tonight after another sleepless night, I had an 'Aha! Moment'.

His sensory goes in overdrive anytime there is change...the anxiety in him is so unbelievable high and makes it all go down hill.

I think our culprit is the anxiety about moving on to the 1st grade. I can't believe I'm even excited that he's anxious about it but I think I'm just excited to know what may bugging Enzo.

I'll have to probe and see but hopefully I'm for now my excitement will have to wait until the little guy gets up.

Poor kid, I've been sooooooo rotten to him too! I can't even begin to imagine what is running through his head....


  1. You know, our son's psychologist has recommended that we take him to a Developmental Ped., too. He's already been evaluated and dx with SPD by an OT group...I didn't consider the possibility that the Developmental Ped. may not acknowledge that he has it. The psychologist referred us there to determine whether or not he's bipolar, but we certainly can't just dismiss the SPD! I'll be interested to follow your story.

    Hope your son is able to talk through his school anxiety with you. We had the same issues throughout the kindergarten year - school anxiety producing terrible mood swings and aggressive outbursts. We're on summer break now, and wondering what will happen when first grade gets here.

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! :) I can relate to how you are feeling, spring can be exhausting on parents too!

    Are you interested in joining the SPD Blogger Network? If so, you can find more info on my blog under the tab at the top.

    I look forward to learning more about your family,

  3. sure I'd love to! i'm headed your way now...