Sunday, September 2, 2007

Can it really be??

I think Enzo is potty trained!!! and we weren't even trying! well he probably should be since he's 3 now, but he refused to do it and i didn't want to fight him. I figured when he's ready then we won't have to fight about it.

Well on Monday morning when i went to his room, he said "mommy i need pee pee in the potty". I said "no you have a diaper on so we are not gonna play in the bathroom". But he kept insisting that he needed to go. So I finally gave in and took him. Low and behold....he pees in the potty!!! *yay* So we're doing the pee-pee in the potty dance...

Well he's been peeing in the potty since then. He's not completely potty trained for night time peeing, but that'll come (It's only been a week). oh yeah and he won't sit on the potty to poop but he'll tell me "poo poo hide mommy". So at least he knows and tells me that he has to go. haha I'll settle for what I can get since I didn't actually have to work at the peeing part.

Man I've forgotten how much work a potty trained child is. It's not like I can let him go by himself coz with Enzo, it's either he'll flush something or fall in. He LOVES to flush and will keep flushing until you pull him away from it. (Unlike his Kuya, who use to run from the bathroom whenever we flushed.)

So *yay* that is our excitement for the week! Yes I know we are a boring family...but hey, if I had more excitement I wouldn't have so much time to blog right? hehe ;)