Friday, May 29, 2009



Thursday afternoon is usually Speech Therapy day for Lizzie and Enzo.  So Melissa, the speech therapist, was working with Enzo and showing him pictures of different animals (he LOVES LOVES LOVES animals).  They get to this picture, and he stops a moment to think and yells out "Wangkagoo!"

How cute is that...Melissa did point out that one day he's not gonna have all these cute mispronunciations and that I should enjoy the moment.  She's right, Enzo has already lost a lot of his babble.  No more 'lellow' for 'yellow' or 'twuck' for 'truck' or 'fink' for 'think'.  Although he still says 'I sought' for 'I thought'. But my favorite is still 'Long long way ago'.

So for now 'Wangkagoo' it is...

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