Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Please Jesus help me"

After dinner tonight Enzo decided he was going to throw a tantrum and throw his body on the floor.  So I calmly (and trust me, it took every ounce of me to stay calm and collected) told him I didn't like his choices and that he needed to put himself in time out properly - that means no whining, crying, screaming or playing.  He proceeded to whine and since I ignored him, he decided to throw his body on the floor and then stomp around my kitchen trying to get me to pay attention and get a reaction.

The past few days we've been trying a new approach with him.  I'll only tell him once, and won't warn again, so when you miss out, that's just too bad because you will miss out.  So I decided to remind Lizzie and Ethan that however long it takes them to get to time out, is how long they will stay there (you dilly-dally for 10 mins, then you will sit in time out for 10 mins).  So he finally goes to time out after about 5 mins of whining and stomping around with no audience.

I call him over to talk to him and let him know that I didn't like the way he disobeyed me and paraded his stinky attitude.  He apologized, then I told him that I forgive him but we always have consequences, and for tonight it meant Ethan wouldn't get to spend the night in his room. He was so heart broken, he walked himself back over to the corner crying out "Please Jesus help me".

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