Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OCD Moment

Last week the kids decided they wanted to play in the backyard all afternoon.  They mostly played in the dirt and writing on the fence with chalk. Now don't hyperventilate like one of my kids - who's name I won't mention, it'll wash off in the rain (or we can always hose it down).


They found a shade under a tree branch that is growing over our yard from the preservation behind us. They laid on a picnic blanket and had their DS Lites too. I got to spend the afternoon alone reading a book in a quiet house with the occassional beckoning for more snacks. I should really send them outside more often ;)

My kids are all so different and funny when it comes to making a mess and getting dirty.  Enzo likes to play and get messy as long as it stays off his face and legs and he gets cleaned off right away.  Lizzie gives no second thoughts to getting dirty.  I had to really bite my tongue to keep from ruining her lazy afternoon in the sun. She got grass and dirt in places that still make me wonder how she got them there to begin with. Ethan on the other hand...well, I had to take a picture because words just can't describe...


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