Monday, August 17, 2009

Zoo Day

Last Friday was $2 Day at the Jax Zoo, so the Ormeo Zoo plus one took a trip in the heat and enjoyed a the day in the sun (which of course ended nicely with a torrential afternoon downpour).  Actually the heat wasn't too bad, maybe because there is a lot of shade and trees at the zoo.

Zoo (2) Zoo (1)

Of course only my sensory overload child would be bothered by the sun and smell that the zoo had to offer! But he quickly got over it once we got moving and saw animals everywhere!

Zoo (4)

Every trip requires great tour guides, and these two were the best tour guides ever! Thankfully they weren't too cool to hang with me and the "little" kids.

Zoo (9) Zoo (7) Zoo (10)

The weather wasn't all bad for an August day in Florida. It was overcast most of the day, which I'm sure helped with the heat.  The mist was still a great way to cool off, esp for Lizzie who usually doesn't get to really 'play' in water.

Zoo (17) Zoo (16)
Zoo (21) Zoo (13)

After having lunch underneath a breezy spot, the kids wanted to cool off in the Water Park. Justin backed out because he didn't want his eczema to itch more, so he hung out with me under an umbrella. Poor guy was itching in the heat!

Zoo (35) Zoo (40)
Zoo (39) Zoo (42)

Lizzie was so excited to get to play in the Water Park. She doesn't get to do a lot with water because of her trach, but this water park had no standing water and no big splashing to worry about! Enzo was a little too excited that he had to sit in time out a couple of times for running. I couldn't let him run because a few kids had slipped and fallen on their backs just walking or standing in place.

Zoo (55) Zoo (57)

Lizzie and Enzo wanted to climb this rope ladder to the top of the treehouse. I'll be honest, I really didn't think they could do it. They both proved me wrong! They were determined to climb up like the big kids and the 2 Kuyas (big brother in Tagalog/Filipino) were waiting up top encouraging and coaxing them till they made it.

Zoo (46) Zoo (51)

We all had a great time! Lots of giggling and laughing, not much whining! (Can you believe that?!?!!?) We can't wait to visit again...

PS. Click here to view the rest of our zoo pictures.


  1. Looks like they've made alot of cool improvements since the last time I've been to this zoo!

  2. they definitely have changed a lot! it's been a few years since we've visited and it had quite a few changes and additions. the kids play area and water area is really cute tho!