Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 more sleeps and he's 5!

We posted this so long ago, he was 3 at the time.  Enzo's almost 5!  He's actually very anxious about his birthday.  Not so much excitement, more anxiety because he doesn't know what to expect. He doesn't like change and he doesn't like surprises. He always has to know what's next. so whenever we ask him what he wants to do on his birthday or what present he wants, he greets it with anxiety and "NO NO NO!" Go figure!

I thought every kid looks forward to their birthday! Actually, he was excited about his birthday up until a few days ago. We went from 10 sleeps down to 4 sleeps, then he just decided he's not so sure about this whole turning 5 and having a birthday thing....haha he's still cute as ever!  Hopefully he'll greet his birthday with more joy than what he's been stomping around here lately ;)


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