Sunday, August 23, 2009

2nd Annual Back 2 School Bash

Remember last year when we decided to have a Back 2 School Bash for the kids?? Well it's that time of year again, and this Ormeo Family tradition is here to stay. Just like last year, we didn't tell the kids what we were up to or that it was even time for another Bash, we wanted to keep it a surprise.

So after a slow start (another post for another day), we were headed to the beach! Fun in the sun always turns that frown upside down right?? RIGHT except Mr. Sun wasn't making his appearance!

B2SBash09 (1) B2SBash09 (2)

By the time we headed out to St. Augustine, it was time for another Florida afternoon storm. After driving around for while, we decided to park to figure out our next step. We didn't want to waste the not-so-short drive out there! But God is good and He knew exactly what we needed to cheer us up and put us back in the mood to party! We ended up at Ripley's Believe It or Not! where they had a 2 for 1 special for admission, plus a free Enzo, so we decided to drop in!

B2SBash09 (36) B2SBash09 (19)
B2SBash09 (15) B2SBash09 (35)

Our kids are at a really great age right now to do 'stuff' and we don't have to chase anyone down or have to haul a stroller (although once in a while Enzo still opts for it and I don't blame him, I would too if I could!). PLUS everyone is potty trained! The kids even got to commemorate our Back 2 School Bash with a waxed hand. Each one got a mold of their hand so we can all look back and remember how small and little everyone was!

B2SBash09 (26) B2SBash09 (24) B2SBash09 (32)

First they lather lotion all over your hand and have you dip your hand in ice for 20 seconds. Then they repeatedly dip your hand in 140 degree wax until they get the thickness just right. Oh the kids loved it! I haven't taken a picture of the finished product but Enzo did a peace sign, Lizzie signed 'I love you', and Ethan did 'Rock on!'

By the time we were done, the rain had stopped. Outside the museum, they had a radio station with a few vendors with fun kid stuff. The kids were so excited to get goodies and balloons and they even got to play with djembes!

B2SBash09 (38) B2SBash09 (37)

Mr. Sun eventually made his appearance so off to the beach we went! And the kids were so excited!

B2SBash09 (43) B2SBash09 (46) B2SBash09 (64)
B2SBash09 (65) B2SBash09 (67) B2SBash09 (68)
B2SBash09 (76)

This day which started out so grumpy turned out way better than we planned! The kids had a blast, now we're ready for a new school year. Till next year...

B2SBash09 (57)

PS. Click here for more pictures from our 2nd Annual Back 2 School Bash.

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  1. that's awesome...God is super good to us. You guys are great parents and I can't believe you have three kids...that's crazy! Well I hope when my kids go to school we can do this for them as well.