Friday, September 4, 2009

The Prey

Squirrel (4)

Enzo said the predator got the squirrel so we needed to help it. Then he asked if the prey can eat the predator because he was mad at the neighborhood cat (the predator) for trying to eat the squirrel. Well, we didn't see the culprit, we're just assuming the mean neighborhood cat did it.

Enzo was so sad that we couldn't help the squirrel. So Ethan pointed out the squirrels are wild and might have rabies. We watched this little guy for almost 30 minutes. He looked like he was gasping for air and he really didn't move very much. We had to leave for an appointment and were hoping the squirrel would still be perched on the fence. When we got back, Enzo and Lizzie immediately ran to the kitchen window but he was gone. He wasn't laying dead in our yard, although we haven't peeked on the other side of the fence. Poor squirrel. Mean cats...

For science, we've been talking about different mammals - the predators and the prey. The kids love animals, so each week we head out to the library and before they can pick out their 'fun books', they have to pick out a couple of animal books that they want to learn about. Well at least I know Enzo is learning something in science, even if he is into the gruesome predators and mangled preys!


  1. it was so sad and gross all at the same time! I have yet to check the other side of the fence....i'm curious to see if he's there...

  2. He has a severe case of mange. I would report it to your local wildlife rescue as it is highly possible other animals in the area are also carriers. Once they get to that point and can't move as fast to get away it is not uncommon to actually spread it to another animal that trys to eat them. Poor guy.