Thursday, August 20, 2009

the Big 5

Enzo5 (1)Enzo5 (2)

It's an Ormeo tradition to always wake up to this huge birthday cake blow up on your birthday (at least for the kids).

Enzo5 (5)

First item on the agenda was to pick out a cool birthday cake since the night before was a total meltdown because he couldn't decide on cupcakes or cake, and vanilla or chocolate. Who knew choosing a cake could be such a stressful event!

Enzo5 (10)Enzo5 (9)
Enzo5 (11)

The second and probably the most important item on Enzo's agenda was the trip to the store to pick out his birthday present. After carefully examining each and every box in the Disney Cars section, he finally decided on 2 of his 'favorites'.

Enzo5 (26)
Enzo5 (27)Enzo5 (28)

Enzo was so excited to have found the perfect birthday cake that didn't cause anymore stressful and indecisive outbursts! It was a Transformer minicake with cupcakes PLUS the minicake was chocolate and the cupcakes were vanilla! Thank you Lord for having exactly what Enzo needed to make his day!

Enzo5 (31)

Thank you family and friends for celebrating Enzo's 5th birthday with us and thank you for all the cool presents! You guys sure do know how to make a kid happy. ;)

PS. Click here to view more birthday pictures.


  1. awww my boys had so much fun at the party. Gracie would have had fun but Uncle Toots terrorized her for life haha. j/k