Friday, January 18, 2008

Crunch Time!

So we are leaving in a couple of hours for the airport and we're still packing.  Can't wait to just get on the plane and take a nap! Well hopefully Enzo will take a nap because he has been so upset with all the packing and excitement to ride the big plane.  He doesn't do too well with change and transition.  Last time he was this upset was when we went camping and he thought I packed his bag to go "back home".  I think he's still a little bit confused this time, because he keeps asking if I'm going to use the spongebob bag for his clothes (That's a whole other post!)

Talk to you guys later and pray for Enzo!!! (Well all of us really, but Enzo especially)


  1. Haha good luck with napping with a toddler on the plane. Have fun with that one!!

  2. oh have fun! can't wait to hear (read) and see pics when you get back!!!

  3. Awh I heard the family was in Walnut :( Wish we could have seen you guys. So was it a surprise? You didn't mention anything on your blog that you and the fam were heading to Cali...oh, how I miss Cali weather.

    Have fun. Tell Ethan, Enzo, and kuya Toots we say hi! I wish Ethan could have seen his nong-nong (sp?)