Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Looks like 'Grampa'

After I gave Enzo his bath this morning, I got him dressed and he looked down at his clothes and told me that he didn't like what he had on. So here's our conversation:

Enzo: I don't like this

Me: Don't like what?

Enzo: This and this (pointing to his clothes)

Me: What's wrong with what you're wearing?

Enzo: Look at it. I look like 'grampa'


I'm still laughing! So being the good mommy that I am, I stripped him down and had him help me pick something else out.

Enzo actually has a mind of his own! I mean, he's always had his own opinions but it cracks me up that he's learning to be picky about what he wears!


ps. I did NOT dress my child in grampa clothing! I am NOT uncool! =)


  1. he doesn't look like grandpa until he starts unbuttoning his shirts halfway with no under shirt...

  2. haha too funny but ummm you know papa reads this blog right?? hehe j/k i dunno if he does...