Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Enzo

[via SPD Foundation]

I found these today on the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation website. They have these to print out as cards for over-whelmed SPD parents. Where was this 3 years ago? haha would have been so much easier than trying to explain something I couldn't understand either.

HOWEVER, now that its been almost 3 years since Enzo's diagnosis, this (in my opinion) comes across apologizing for my child's disability. Not sure how I feel about that because I don't think anyone should have to apologize for their child's disability. But then again when you're an over-whelmed mom that's kind of what you (or we) do right? I guess this would be pretty useful for the over-whelmed parent who can't figure where to even begin explaining. I should know, we were there and still are a lot of the time.

But hey at least my kid has an excuse for being a nut and all over the place...what's your child's excuse?? haha I am SOOOOOOOOO just kidding!! =)

You know God definitely has a sense of humor. What are the chances that God would give one family 2 kids that have SPD and the kids aren't even biologically related?! Not only do we have 2 kids with SPD but they are two different types of SPD kids - we have a sensory avoider/defensiveness and then we have Enzo, the sensory seeker/crasher (if you've been around Enzo, then you know exactly what that is). We make a hilarious household if you have that kind of sense of humor (which btw, I don't) And we thought Lizzie would be our high maintenance child because of her medical needs...hahaha God is showing off his sense of humor I tell ya!

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