Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Sensational Blog's new home

Here we are! We've finally transferred all our SPD blogs over. All these blog posts were our own family posts before we found out our children has SPD and also before we realized that sensational stories deserve it's own blog. =)

We hope that our stories helps other families find humor in the midst of frustrations and struggles. There is light at the end of the tunnel and our kids, like many children with SPD, are like butterflies waiting to emerge!

We truly believe they can and will emerge when we begin to understand what SPD means for our family and find ways to help and relate to our child's sensory world. We're not therapists, so please don't take our  own experiences as that. But having the opportunity to have worked with awesome therapists that really know SPD, has given us a wealth of information to help our child, along with lots and lots of reading (more internet than books tho). Knowledge is key to helping your child and family!

While each child and family is different, what works for our family may not work for yours. Even some of the things that our therapists have 'highly' suggested for us haven't always worked for our family. SPD is part of our life, so the activities surrounding us has to work with our life. But no therapist knows your child and family the way you do, don't give up and things don't have to be done by the book. Find what your child enjoys based on what he needs. Find what works with your family or if you like something, find a way to change it up to make it work for you. We get creative like that too!

We have yet to purchase a true SPD item. Sensory stuff can get expensive, esp the weighted items. So the budget part doesn't work for us, BUT we've found alternatives to some of the weighted items and sensory things that we've purchased and even made!

So what does this blog mean for you? We hope you enjoy our stories but we want to hear yours too! If you'd like to share your day with us, email us! We'd love to have other families share their stories. We want to hear from other families too and get ideas or even just to feel 'normal'. Most likely, that's how you found this blog right? If not that's ok too!

It's one thing to hear from and talk to our therapists but it's another to live with SPD. For now, there isn't a local group in our city that serves as a resource or support for families with SPD (not autistic). We hope to change that soon, but that still requires more planning and thought. So for now, here we are! We're looking forward to sharing our crazy life with you and hope to hear from other families too!

Happy blogging!

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