Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day

Sunday afternoon was such a beautiful day with perfect weather (which is so rare in Florida), we decided to head to the park after Enzo's power-nap (yes, my 3 yr old takes a nap because YOU haven't been with him when he hasn't haha).

We have tried, pretty successfully, to avoid the park or anything remotely resembling a park for quite some time now.  The last time we took the boys to the park over the summer, Enzo FLIPPED out.  He's such a sensory kid that he was on MASSIVE sensory OVERLOAD.

He was running and running and running and never really 'played' on anything because there was just too much noise, too much scenery, too much everything!  All his running reminds me of Forest Gump, where he just runs....He was miserable, we were miserable, so yeah we really haven't been back till yesterday.

We had a pretty good time!  Enzo was better prepared to experience everything there, he didn't have to be so anxious, like he normally is, and I think we knew how to help him too!

So we started off with the swing, to help calm Enzo down before he had a chance to be anxious.


Don't let that face fool you, he actually hates the swing!  He's fine if its really low to the ground and slow. (Thats how the swing is at his Occupational Therapy.) I had to MAKE him stay on for a little bit just to show him that we weren't going to swing hard or let him fall out. But he was ready to get outta there!

So we went for a little walk down the trail and fed the ducks and watched people fish.  And of course Enzo would try to stick his big ol' noggin between the rails...


We climbed high...


we climbed low...

And of course what's a day at the park without stopping to play with...


They played on the slides and anticipated the static shocks they'd get at the end of the slide.  It was pretty shocking! haha  Enzo got a kick out of getting shocked, he thought it was the coolest thing ever...that's my sensory kid!


The boys had such a blast playing at the park.  So after a couple of hours of fun and laughter, it was time to head home..

and they lived happily ever after!


ps.  We'll just pretend that we all left the park hand in hand like a happy family....wrong fairy tale!  Enzo decided that since he had such a great time at the park, that he need to bring his family back to reality by throwing a tanrum!  No pictures of that tho, because I'm still pretending...

That's ok, the tantrum was short lived and he got over it.  Besides who can blame the kid for wanting to spend more time at the park with BESTEST, COOLEST parents in the whole wide world! ;)

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  1. you're really living in a pretend world about that BESTEST, COOLEST parents in a whole wide world...