Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Dolls with moving eyes are creepy.  Dolls that cry when you flip them over, and dolls that talk, sing, or whatever are just wrong!  Hmm...come to think of it, stuff toys are included, but for the sake of my story, I'll stick with dolls.

Last week we were out of town to finish up medical training and spent time with 'E'. (I'll post that later, I'm just lagging) Anyway, Mama Michele decided it would be a good idea for us to start bringing toys, medical supplies, and other things home.  

So we pack up several things in my truck and we quickly realize that there's one of 'those' talking/singing dolls in the bag of toys she sent home. Enzo jumped in his carseat and was not too thrilled about the talking garbage bag in my truck.

Anyway, I haven't gotten a chance to rearrange the kids in their rooms but I did bring in the bag of toys and put it in what is currently Enzo's room.  Enzo, for the most part, really doesn't mind the dolls and sneaks around to play a baby doll or two (That's a whole other post!).  All except for this one scary looking cheerleader doll that 'cheers' when you push her tummy and ends with "Yee-Haw!".

There's been a couple of times that the  doll has gotten squished and it goes off, which has sent Enzo running at full speed outta his room!

So this afternoon, Enzo thought it would be fun to push the belly and run to my room to hear it on the monitor.  Only this time, after it stopped, it quickly started again on its own and wouldn't stop. Enzo was going crazy, he was on my bed fighting to get under the pillows and blanket!

That crazy doll is scary!  I didn't wanna go to his room either, but eventually I went in and pushed on her belly to make her stop.

I have a feeling that dolly won't spend very much time with our family.  Hope she isn't one of 'E's favorites, because it deifnitely isn't one of Enzo's!


  1. that story is HILARIOUS!!! More traumatized Enzo

  2. I think someone is trying to get your attention, Joyce...I wonder who?

  3. HAHAHA kinda like TJ's talking in the middle of the night Barney. You're in for some good times!

  4. oh poor enzo! i had talking dolls growing up and i loved them, except for the fact i would never let them be in my room at night! I would play with them during the day, but hide them in my brother's closet at night!!! I was afraid they would say something in the dark!

  5. I love your vintage button rings I found on Etsy, so I came on over to see your website. What a great story. I agree with creepy dolls and clowns! I am still laughing, probably because I would be doing the same, hiding under the covers!


  6. Thanks JJ! I just might need to stock up on the cute dolls from Etsy....they don't talk! at least not the ones I've seen haha