Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm drowning in my zoo!

Ok I have to keep this short because my zoo is calling...

This is E's 2nd day home...E is starting to come down with a cold or something, but simple illnesses are always more complicated for children with a ventilator and a trach.  Enzo is flipping out because of the change in routine and workers/nurses that are in and out of our home and just not having more time for him.  Ethan's legs and ankles have cramped up again where he can barely walk (he gets like this once to twice a year).  Toots has been sick so he's jumped ship for a little while.

Toots started with a bad toothache that spread to his face and neck. Meds weren't working and he couldn't handle it anymore so he went to the ER at 215am only to been seen by a Dr at 730am for 5 mins and gave him meds without looking at anything else.  But by this afternoon he's been super dizzy and nauseous (not sure if it's the meds or not)

My zoo is outta control!  I'm out numbered by kids that all need and want pray quick!

ps....all this with an hour and a half of sleep.  i thought having an overnight nurse meant sleep for me??

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  1. awwwwww I'm so sorry. You shoulda called me and Enzo could have gone to VBS with us and slept over a few nights. Anyway now I gotta get ready for camp so too late!