Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chinese Fire Drill

So we've decided that in order to keep our sanity (and our hair), we needed to shuffle kids around and give them each their own space and room.  So how do you fit 3 kids in a 3 bedroom house?? Ha!  You play chinese fire drill with the rooms!

Enzo doesn't do well with transition and changes. Ok I lied, he doesn't do changes and transitions period. So when we moved him out of his room (the "beach room" as he likes to call it) and into Ethan's room for them to share, that was more than enough to mess him up and the boy has only slept 2-3 hrs a night since (when we're lucky!)

We have a a separate dining room that we turned into a play/tv room last year for Ethan and Enzo.  We never used it as a dining room because we have an eat in kitchen.  And as a play/tv room, they never really used it either!  Ethan would sit in there to play on the computer once in a while, but not enough to justify keeping the space as is.

So figured we can turn it into an extra bedroom.  We'll eventually close it off with a door but for what we need right now, it actually worked out perfect! (God is good right??)

Ethan needed his own space that the 2 little kids really wouldn't go into.  Enzo just wanted his 'beach room' back and E need her room to be more 'nurse'-friendly and less Enzo-friendly.  Besides, E only plays wherever Enzo is and doesn't care to be in her room.

So, when we played chinese fire drill, Enzo got his 'beach room' back and he slept in it without a fight last night!  Ethan got his pre-teen space back without his little siblings in his business, and the nurse was so thrilled that we moved E to her new room!  She said she wanted to suggest it when she first came, but didn't want to intrude.

Plus, E's room is much closer to my room, which really is better for her and us.    No more Enzo around her medical equipment!

Now all I need to do is move our medical supply store to her new room...Yikes! just when I got majority of it organized and labeled!


  1. Wait... so where is "E's" room (yay, she has a name! Did i miss the blog about this?!)? Is her room the tv/play room?

  2. yeah we took out the tv, moved her bed and equipment in, and left the couch for nurses to be comfy in, and the bookshelf stayed because it was the perfect size to hold all her medical supplies. We have more room for her supplies now! Wish i would have thought to do this in the first place ;)

  3. so ethan and enzo stays in the other room now?

  4. ethan and enzo are back in their original rooms....enzo is in the one with the beach on the walls and ethan is in the other one...E has the old dining room.