Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3 movies in 2 weeks!

We haven't had a family movie night in ages, much less go to the movie theaters to catch any of the new movies out.  So it has definitely been a treat for the entire family to waatch 3 movies in 2 weeks!

When Ethan gets excited he always starts gagging.  He doesn't throw up, but he just gags out of excitement.  It's funny!  So he's done that quite a bit lately esp since we've been springing it up on them.

It's so hard to go to the movie theatre with Enzo because he is so young and gets so bored too quick, we have to be pretty picky about what movie to watch with him.

So a couple of Saturday's ago we started our movie marathon with...

That movie was so funny!  We all loved it!  Esp Enzo...and he's so hard to please when it comes to giving his undivided attention...

Almost once a month since Ethan was old enough to sit through a movie, Toots has always tried to go on an 'Ethan-Daddy Date' as they like to call it.  So while Ethan was at children's camp, we decided Enzo really needed to have time with Daddy esp since Toots has been such a rule enforcer lately (that's another post for another day).

So Toots took him to see...

Of course it had to have something to do with cars, I don't think Enzo would have gone with Daddy without me, much less sit through the movie! I guess he liked the movie, but he's not fixated on it like he is with the Disney Cars Movie.  Then again maybe it's because he was more intrigued about the popcorn than the movie!?  But he was so excited to get to go on a date with Daddy since he's had to watch Kuya and Daddy go without him!

I can't wait for E to go on a date with her Daddy!  She's not ready yet tho.  We'll have to wait till she's ready to go off anywhere without Enzo.  (Toots tried to take her one night to buy milk at the store, he had to bring her back before they even drove off the driveway because she was crying huge alligator tears)

Last night, we decided to take advantage of not having a nurse since it also meant we didn't have to be home by a certain time!

That was such a cute movie!  Although it's not really a little kid movie because the first half doesn't have any dialogue.  E and Enzo were fine tho because they were too busy with their popcorn to notice.

E sounds like Wall-E when she talks.  It's hilarious because since she saw the trailer, she keeps repeating 'Wall-E'...and ever since we've been visiting with her, if something startles her in the car she yells out 'Whoa whoa whoa!'  Wall-E says that in the movie and it sounds just like her....too funny!

It's been really nice to get to go out as a family of 5 and be normal even for a short time without workers and nurses....


  1. not looking forward to Wall-E, it looks boring.

  2., I loved the Wall-E

  3. how about a new blog there, miss blogster?