Monday, July 21, 2008

Beach Day

The past few weeks has been full of craziness. Not sure if it's from being sleep deprived with nursing only 3 days out of the week or if it's the adjustment issues with 2 adoptions within a year of each other (another post for another day) or maybe a combination of both...but wow!

So we decided that inorder to preserve some sanity in our household, we needed to get outta the house even though we were exhausted.

So off to the beach we went...spur of the moment, tantrums, Sunday afternoon, tantrums, beautiful weather, tantrums and bickering here and there (we needed the extra excitement right?) really turned out to be such a nice trip for the family.


Of course only my kids would have issues with sand and being dirty...

But it didn't take long for them to get over their OCD moment ;)

Ok, so Ethan shouldn't be left to put sunblock on himself

They gathered shells...

buried each other...which really isn't such a great activity when it involves a trach


played in the water.....again, water and trachs...not the best activity


drifted off in the water..what??

yeah!  right after I took this shot, this huge wave crashed really fast and really far up on the shore (high tide) and thank goodness that Toots has good reflexes because the wave knocked E off her feet and Enzo started drifting off with the water.  So he was trying to get E back on her feet while trying to catch Enzo before he got too far off (which of course Enzo thought was hilarious because he's floating away).

So did I ever mention that E and the beach is a definite no-no?? So it will probably be a while till we make it back to the beach again...or at least until E can understand and not feel bad about her limits...

E was so bummed when we said no more water and that she had to stay in the sand with me...poor kiddo, as much as she understands about safety and her trach, she hates missing out....

The crazy thing is, she wasn't even in the water, she was just standing in the wet sand watching the water when the wave hit....

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  1. that was pretty brave of you to take her that close to the water and sand.

  2. those pictures are awesome! I especially like the part about Enzo drifting away...hahahaha

  3. awww my poor little E. I'm glad ya'll took them though. It looks like everyone had a good time!