Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back 2 School Bash

Updates are long over due, but life happens and blogging doesn't...School has been in session for 3 weeks now, at least for Enzo and E.  But the Friday before school started, we decided to take the kids somewhere fun to kick off the school year!

So off we went to none other than "where a kid can be a kid"...Chuck E. Cheese!!!

The kids had a blast and it wasn't as packed as we expected it to be.  I'll admit I was dreading how Enzo could 'excitedly' respond to Chuck E. Cheese and all its exciting rides and games, but he proved me wrong!


Enzo was mad we put the bib on for the picture, but that was the closest he was willing to let Chuck E. near him.  E wouldn't take a picture with Chuck E. either.  So Ethan was their representative for picture purposes!

We do learn something new everyday about our kids, even while playing at Chuck E. Cheese.


Lessons learned at Chuck E. Cheese:

1.  E's afraid of heights (that was funny, well sorta not really, we had to work hard at keeping her from jumping off that bike thing).

2. Roller coaster simulators are great for Enzo's sensory issues!  The strong vibrations against his tiny body really did keep him mellow (is that how you spell that? it looks funny) and focused!

3. Notice anything about the pictures above??  Yeah, no picture of Ethan!  He enjoyed his independence and roaming around without the parentals!

PS.  Of course Enzo has to drive a car!  What's a Back 2 School Bash without his car obsession being satisfied?!?

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