Saturday, November 15, 2008

He doesn't like hair

Enzo doesn't like hair near him.  When I tuck him in bed at night and lean down to kiss him, he freaks out when my hair hangs too close to him.  If my hair is hanging in my face, he's quick to point it out and if I don't move it then he'll try to do it for me.

So this morning he's in the bathroom washing his hands and I walked in to help.  He quickly scans me up and down then bends down to look at my legs.

Here's our short conversation:

Enzo: It's like mine.
me: What's like yours?
Enzo: Your hair is like mine. *cringes*

If you've never check out Enzo's legs, he has hairy legs like Kuya TJ.  So what's the lesson in all this??

You know your hairy legs are bad if Enzo has to point them out...thanks Enzo, thanks!


  1. Wait! don't shave them just yet.... once the cold front comes in... it will keep you warm... trust me...

  2. that is so embarrassing, Joyce...