Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strangers on a Walkie-Talkie

Who's idea was it to let Enzo and E play with walkie-talkies??  Goodness, they are naturally loud anyway when they play.  But oh my!  With the walkie-talkies, they try to out talk each other, very loudly!

Enzo's walkie-talkie kept picking up someone else's signal.  So he's wanting to talk to strangers and I kept saying no, it's not safe.  Well I decided to be an evil mom and play a little trick on Enzo.  First I told Enzo he needed to shut his bedroom door so E could hear him better (it was partially true...haha)

So of course he goes to his room and proceeds to talk to E...after a few minutes of yelling back and forth into the walkie-talkie, E tattles that Enzo said a bad word.  So I took it from E and started talking to Enzo...

Me: Did you say a bad word?
Enzo: NO! I said baba-booboo

Enzo (talking to himself): ooh that's a stranger!

Me: Are you allowed to talk to strangers?
Enzo: No
Me: Then why are you talking to me?
Enzo (talking to himself): oh no it's a bad guy
*I can hear him shuffling around his room and he paces out to the living room and runs back to his room

Me: Sometimes strangers can be bad guys.  But you shouldn't talk to strangers
Enzo: (yells something angry that I couldn't understand)
Me: Why are you so angry?
Enzo: Because you're a bad guy stranger (and he says more that I can't understand)
*He runs back out to the living room to tell me there's a stranger trying to talk to him. Then he runs back to his room and shuts the door.

Me: Why did you close your door Enzo?
*Enzo screams and shuffles around his room while saying something angry.
Me: Bad guys don't like angry kids Enzo.

By this time, Enzo was terrified.  He comes running outta his room and hands me the walkie-talkie and explains he doesn't want to talk right now because he's tired.  He sits on the couch with his cheeks sucked in, and heart racing.

HAHA ok it was funny but to see him that scared was bad since he's a pretty anxious child anyway.  I did tell him it was me and I let him listen to me say stuff.  The relief on his face was too funny!

It was a little mean tho because now he doesn't want to have anything to do with the walkie-talkie...poor baby!


  1. You are a real bad guy, can you do that to him?

  2. Yeah that's something that I would do to my kids. Geez you're so mean.