Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Disney + GFCF Diet = AWESOME!

(From the hubby's cell phone)

I was so worried about trying to stick with Enzo’s GFCF diet while out of town. Even though everywhere I’ve read, people have said that Disney is the best place to be while on the diet. However they did strongly recommend to contact Disney a couple of weeks ahead of time so they can walk you through it and to make sure at least one dining area can accomodate your needs. Well I didn’t have a couple of weeks and I didn’t call. So when it was lunch time, we found a fast food place (we’re talking greasy burgers and all the good stuff) to ask if they at least have a fruit cup or anything packaged just to fill Enzo’s belly. They called one of the managers over and she said they have substitutes for everything and will cook it any way we needed! WOW…well this lady pulls out a notebook that has every ingredient listed for everything on their menu PLUS a list of additional GFCF items they carry!

So after asking me what we’d like, this lady walks me to the register and orders for us…then they prepare the GFCF food in a separate kitchen. The food items are placed in CLOSED containers, I guess they are really careful about any kind of contamination. One of the staff from the special kitchen walks it to your tray. It was awesome! Definitely the easiest order I’ve ever done for Enzo…it must have tasted pretty good too because Enzo gobbled it up!

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