Friday, August 27, 2010

He's 6!

This year we decided not to let Enzo get caught up in the countdown to his birthday. He gets too wound up with the countdown and always ends up upset. So for my sanity, this year we adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I waited till he was tucked in bed the night before to tell him it was his birthday. He was so excited to find out his birthday was just a sleep away!

This year we didn't get to put up our traditional blow-up birthday cake. We couldn't find the plug! I was kind of bummed because we've done that since Ethan was 5 or 6? But that's ok, a birthday movie with the cousins made up for our lack of props. ;)

Dear Motorola,
My Cliq needs a better camera or at least a flash.
Love, Me =D

He even got to take a trip to the store to buy his birthday present, just like he did last year. He loves being able to pick it out himself and getting to pay for it on his own. Although this year, reinforcements came to help him pick out his present.

Not only did he celebrate his birthday at home with us but he got to celebrate it Desuyo-style in the middle of the Target parking lot too! Jordan and Asher wrapped up a bunch of little presents for him, even a corn on the cob (which Enzo thought was just the sweetest thing anybody had ever done for him) and made him a few birthday cards. He totally enjoyed all their goodies more than any of the presents we got him! The Desuyo boys definitely know what little boys like.

Then of course we had to celebrate again with the rest of the family. Although I did forget to take a picture of the birthday boys - Enzo, Zeke and Dashy.

What a way to celebrate his 6th birthday!
Happy Birthday Baby-boy, hope you had a fun filled weekend!


  1. YAY!!! Happy B-day!! So sweet. Hope it was fun, happy and cool!


  2. Found you through SPD Network, beautiful photos:;)