Friday, August 6, 2010

Giggling Tooth

Oh the drama! We're eating dinner last night and Enzo goes into a spaz and runs to the bathroom hysterical. Turns out his bottom front tooth was suddenly loose. He cried and whined through dinner and we eventually decided that dinner was done for him and he wanted to save his dinner for breakfast. He cried and whined while getting ready for bed. Although he stopped long enough to stare in the mirror. Then cried and whined again while getting into bed.
I was really glad to see he wasn't hysterical anymore this morning (really really glad! not sure how much of that I was gonna be able to take). He has spent much of the morning in the bathroom staring and wiggling his tooth. After one of his many bathroom trips, he ran out to say: "Mommy my tooth is gonna fall out soon because it keeps on giggling all over like this *he proceeds with a silly dance*!"

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